Our Standards

We conduct thorough check on the products we carry. In order to make your shopping experience of clean beauty better, we have put on different labels on products that meet our requirements and standards. You may find out more about what they mean below:

Toxin-Free   |   Cruelty-Free   |   Vegan   |   Gluten-Free



Before curating a product, we check the ingredients of the product against a Red List of ingredients which bans the use of 102 harmful chemicals. We may still allow products that contain certain chemicals in the Red List after thorough research - for example where the Red List has labelled a chemical as having "occupational concern" after excessive inhalation. We may allow the presence of such chemical as the products will not be inhaled excessively and other researches show that the ingredient is safe for cosmetics use. 




The product does not test on animals and does not contain any ingredients/ by-products that have been tested on animals.  




The product does not contain any animal products/byproducts and does not test on animals. 




The product contains less than 20 ppm gluten which is the same as the US FDA requirement.


Disclaimer: The labels are for reference only.